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patryk0746 corp. :D
Autor Wiadomość

Wiek: 19
Dołączył: 07 Sie 2008
Posty: 34
Wysłany: 2008-08-07, 19:01   patryk0746 corp. :D  


render(tylko 3 poki)

Dołączyła: 19 Lis 2007
Posty: 16
Wysłany: 2008-08-07, 20:24     


Render: Daj najlepiej shadow lugię ;D Tylko ładną!
kolry: Niebieski zmieszany z granatem i bielą.

napis: DL27

Przetestuję Cię xD
Twoja Stara hakóje Window$a!-DL27

Wpisywać mi sie do sygny,jush! ;o

Mass wipsiaa/ Veres
Wipś? fajnie ^^ podnieciłam się! oneoneone!!!1111

To teraz się podnieć jeszcze bardziej i wyślij mi swoje foto na maila ;pp
Kubuś ;)

Dołączył: 11 Kwi 2009
Posty: 5
Wysłany: 2009-04-11, 06:51     

The true meaning of the bumper sticker, which says, “Live long enough to embarrass your kids” has new meaning once you have a teenager. My daughter just turned 15 and suddenly I am now the most embarrassing person she can be seen with. Rather than take this personally I have decided to revel in the power it gives me.

Of course many of you have had the “You aren’t wearing THAT” argument but I turned the tables on my daughter. She was wanting to wear midriff tops and tanks with bra straps showing … both of which I had been carefully taught were fashion no-no’s. The other day I picked her up from school and stopped at the grocery store. wow power leveling“Mom! You can’t go in dressed like that!” “I am staying in the car!”

Imagine ... a 50-year-old dressed just like her 15-year-old, and she does not want to be seen with me. Well ... I admit the embarrassment was worth every moment...she has now dressed a bit more conservatively. She HAD to go in the store with me as it was too hot to sit in the car. wow gold,It was a priceless moment that also was a bit cheeky of me to enjoy so much.

Recently she wanted to dye her beautiful auburn hair black. Yes she has naturally beautiful auburn hair but wants it to be black because she states, “Auburn is SO boring!” Of course my reply, “Oh my gosh … women all over the world for die for your hair!” was ineffective, however, as I plopped the box of purple hair dye onto the counter and said “Sure, just as soon as I am finished dying mine purple.”

Yep, the purple dye sat on the counter ... I had called her bluff. “Perhaps if we both wait a couple weeks and you still insist on dying your hair black, mine will be purple just in time for me to chaperon your next school dance. That is coming up in two weeks, right? I bet your friends will think I am the coolest mom there!” She is visibly cringing. I can see thoughts racing through her mind. Her mom with purple hair at her school dance.

I am praying, please, PLEASE don’t dare me to go with purple hair, but I stand firm. “Yes, I think I’d be pretty with purple hair. It is Dad’s favorite color.”wow power leveling, She knows it really is his favorite color. Finally she shrugs and says “Nevermind.” Whew ... she changed her mind. I am so relieved but I keep rambling on about purple hair as she leaves the room.

She knows I would do it. I have done sillier things to prove a point. I am not sure how long I can keep this up. I am praying she does not ask about piercing next, but I have already asked my husband to pick up a pamphlet from our nearest piercing place, just so I can whip it out and show her which one “Mom” might get, too. Of course she may never go that far. I am hoping ... praying ... and a bit nervous. When “Mom” wants to do it too—suddenly it just isn’t that cool.World of warcraft Power Leveling

Yep ... I can be pretty silly. Looking at life with humor makes it bearable sometimes. It isn’t all fun and games.

is true that most of us value honesty highly. However, nowadays we often confront confidence crisis such as cheating, overcharging, fake commodities and so on. I think that we should be honest because being honest is not only beneficial to ourselves but also to others and the whole society. The reasons can be listed as follows.Firstly, only honest people can be truly respected by the others and can make more friends over a long period of time.
Secondly, honesty, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, can make our life easier and more harmonious. Thirdly, honesty can make our society more stable. A case in point is that Singapore, a society featuring trustworthiness and integrity, has a comparatively low criminal rate.
World of warcraft Power Leveling,
Responsbility can be understood in many ways. for the parents ,
they have had the responsibility for caring for and fostering their children since the birth of their baby.for teachers,both in kindergartens and colleges,they also should be responsible for the study and life of their students,that is to say,teahers are the second parents of children somewhile. World of warcraft gold

for us,as a friend of others,it is our responsibility to help our friends when they are in trouble or faced with difficulties. each one has the different responsibily based on their roles but we must take it for granted that we are responsible for the society .

my family

Dołączył: 06 Wrz 2011
Posty: 6
Wysłany: 2011-09-06, 10:38     

There's no doubt that Beyonce, a.k.a. Mrs. Jay Z, is one of the most stylish musicians in the game. She constantly surprises with statement-making ensembles both on and off the red carpet, always managing to strike the perfect balance between bold glamour and timeless beauty.
She's appeared on countless magazine covers, modeled in Tom Ford's first women's collection runway show (see video below), and even dabbled in design when she and her mother started their House of Deréon line back in 2004. Not only is Beyonce the official queen of hip-hop, she's also become one of the music industry's chicest icons.
Today, on B's 30th birthday, we're looking back to see how far, in fashion, she's come - from the days of matching with her Destiny's Child crew, to her curve-hugging performance wear, to her stunning designer gowns. Take a look through our gallery to see the best of Beyonce through the years.
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