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Dołączyła: 19 Lis 2007
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Wysłany: 2008-07-31, 14:45   Gra Pokemon Lazurite  

Może ktoś ten projekt pamięta? xD



Odznaki: takie jak w Hoenn

-nie będę się rozgadywać!

-Starter kit (wiem,żal...)

Po kiego grzyba!?

Pre-alfa(krótka,ale można sie pobawić naciskając na ludzi,przedmioty itp.)

Dobrze,wiem zę kiepski. Ale wygrzebałam go z dna moego dysku i chcę kontynuować. Wiem,że czasem można chodzić po domach itp. ale to sie zrobi.
Oceńcie plis xD

Dołączył: 30 Lip 2008
Posty: 32
Wysłany: 2008-07-31, 17:19     

Dodaj do minusów wagę, bo 128 mega to trochę za dużo... zapakuj ten plik i wstaw na sendspace jako rar.

~~My PBF~~

1.Imię: Myst
2.Wiek: 15
3.Płeć: Male
4.Starter : Scyther (Blade)
Scyther Płeć:Male Natura:Nieugięta(Adamant) Ataki: Leer, Quick Atack
Rattata Płeć:Female Natura:Zazdrosna Ataki: Quick Atack, Tackle, Tail Whip

Przedmioty: Telefon Komórkowy, 5x Pokeball, Pokedex.
nikt ważny

Dołączył: 19 Lis 2007
Posty: 134
Wysłany: 2008-08-07, 08:33     

NIe no ładnie. NA Valhalli nowy projekt a tu jeszcze nie zamieszczony.

Wiek: 32
Dołączyła: 18 Mar 2009
Posty: 5
Skąd: New York
Wysłany: 2009-03-18, 03:30     

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Dołączył: 18 Mar 2011
Posty: 5
Wysłany: 2011-03-18, 03:03     

Do you think only adding five levels to the game is a great move by Blizzard?I do.wow power leveling It does not seem as daunting a task for players to get to 85. I am sure someone will be there by Thursday and we'll see a report about it. This expansion was much more about giving players a new world to play in.wow power leveling Correcting some of the mistakes they made with zones that were still left over from the 2004 design. It allowed Blizzard to overhaul the original game. It seems like these elements were added to give new players a chance to experience a much more up to date MMO with WoW.world of warcraft power leveling The expansion will bring a lot of players back and maybe even get some new players as well. If so they will experience a much smoother run through while leveling.
I guess the best parts of Cataclysm will come in the winter months. While we are all snowed in and reach 85 then we can start raiding and running instances again.world of warcraft power leveling I do think Lich King was a fantastic expansion and brought a lot to the world that was missed in Burning Crusade. I thoroughly enjoyed Lich King and loved the Norse style of the zones.cheap wow power leveling Let's hope the new Cataclysm zones give players the same excitement. I'll be leveling my Shaman and Death Knight likely at the same time. I hope to get them both to 85 together,cheap wow gold this way I'll have a tank and healer for raids. The idea of creatign a Goblin is fun too, they look much better than I thought they would.
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Dołączył: 06 Wrz 2011
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Wysłany: 2011-09-06, 10:43     

While we all knew that the purples we had were essentially going to be more like blues, we did not hear, or even guess, that our armor would be nerfed by 2 new tiers of armor. The lack of communication for even some of my relatively new-to-WoW guildies (that is, those who just started raiding at the end of Lich King) are confused and a bit hurt by this move. It's hard to explain it to them, even as a vet, since this is something Blizz has never done.
As others have said, it feels like Blizzard is mainly aiming at the casual of casuals who simply wanna grind, and the ladder match crews, when it comes to pvp. World pvpers and BG fans are still stuck in an awkward area where we don't have access to the moderately high end stuff without needing a decent amount of coordination. Remember, we essentially need a full raid (no 9 manning it) for RBGs, and have to defeat real people to win our "epics." Yes, we can pvp, but as previously noted, the change to the high-end PvP currency actually gives you less of the currency than you could previously achieve even after Blizz attempted to raise the limit on weekly acquisition.
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